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Professional Academic Editing Services for Non-Native English Speakers

We can ensure that your writing meets any journal’s or university’s language requirements.

Weak English writing skills are the only thing preventing the success of many researchers and students. In most cases, the only way these authors can get their work accepted is by having it proofread by a native English speaker. Many native-speaking editors are available for hire to help non-native English speakers perfect their writing. However, these editors do not always consider the author’s financial situation.

Magnum Proofreading’s mission is to help academic authors by offering an affordable alternative to large and expensive proofreading companies. We understand that not all authors have hundreds of dollars to spend on proofreading. Therefore, we offer our services at rates as low as CAD 14.00/1000 words. Also, we provide several proofreading service options so that our customers get exactly what they need from their proofreader without paying more than they need to.


Why Choose Magnum Proofreading?

Service Options

Choose from our specially customized services based on your budget and needs.

Magnum Proofreading is truly one of a kind in its mission and helping writers to improve their papers. I am totally happy with the cost, professional commitment and fast interaction.


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Magnum Proofreading offers remarkably low rates.

Our cheapest service costs only CAD 14.00/1000 words. This means you can have a 2,500-word paper proofread for just $35.00. This is much less than what you would pay at PaperTrue ($135.00), Scribendi ($150.00), or other proofreading companies.

Magnum Proofreading specializes in editing work written by non-native English speakers.

Produce eloquently-written content even if your English is not very strong. We have edited hundreds of articles that have been published in academic journals. We have also helped hundreds of authors with their PhD dissertations, essays, and other academic projects.

Magnum Proofreading does more than just proofreading.

Magnum Proofreading’s services go beyond simply making sure your work has no errors. We can also polish your work so that acceptable sentences sound like they were written by an expert. This way, you can be sure that your work will be accepted even when faced with very stringent language requirements.

All editing performed by Magnum Proofreading is backed by a satisfaction guarantee.

Your project is not considered complete until you are 100% satisfied with the finished product.

Economic Proofreading

CAD 14.00/1000 words

Your document will contain no glaring errors in spelling, grammar, or syntax.

Standard Proofreading

CAD 25.00/1000 words

Your document will contain no errors and sound like it was written by a native English speaker

Full Proofreading

CAD 50.00/1000 words

Recommended for authors with limited English skills who want their writing to sound professional.