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Premium Proofreading Service

Premium Proofreading
Starting at CA$0.04 per word

The Premium Proofreading Service goes beyond editing for language usage. You will also receive in-depth guidance regarding your paper's overall logic, clarity, and structure.


What’s included?

When you order the Premium Proofreading Service, your editor will resolve all language-related issues in your document, including rewording full sentences to make them sound more natural to English-speaking audiences if needed. Your editor will also check each section and paragraph of your document carefully and highlight any potential issues with your paper's logic, clarity, and structure.

Specific language-related errors that will be fixed by your editor include:

  • Spelling mistakes

  • Egregious grammatical errors (e.g., incorrect subject-verb agreement)

  • Incorrect punctuation

  • Ineffective and informal word choice

  • Wordiness, vague phrases, generic adjectives, and other advanced language issues

  • Weak, missing, or unnecessary transitional phrases

  • Sentences or paragraphs that are too long

Regarding the structure and clarity of your document, your editor will:

  • Highlight any vital sections (e.g., a discussion) and elements (e.g., research questions) that are missing

  • Evaluate whether all sections contain the appropriate information in the correct order

  • Check for any paragraphs with an unclear focus or improper structure

  • Determine whether paragraphs and sections are logically connected

  • Identify any vague or misleading section headings

  • Look for any repetitive or redundant passages

  • Point out any missing or unclear definitions of key terms and concepts

  • Assess whether the sources included in your literature review are relevant

  • Plus much more

Your editor will also leave plenty of comments pointing out and explaining common errors so you can avoid them in the future and improve your writing skills.

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