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Full Proofreading

CAD 45.00/1000 words

Who is this service for?

This service is recommended for authors who have very limited English writing skills or who require most or all of their work to be paraphrased. If you relied heavily on tools like Google Translate when writing, or if much of your manuscript has been copied from other papers, we can ensure that your work sounds original and natural to an English-speaking audience.


What’s included in this service?

When you order the Full Proofreading Service, your editor will resolve all language-related issues in your document. This includes rewording sentences to make them sound more natural to and English-speaking audiences. Since it is expected that many sentences in your manuscript will be very difficult to understand, you are entitled to unlimited free re-edits until you and your editor are confident that your writing is perfect.

Specific errors that will be fixed by your proofreader include:

  • Spelling mistakes

  • Egregious grammatical errors (e.g., incorrect subject-verb agreement)

  • Poor word choice

  • Incorrect punctuation

  • Wordiness, vague phrases, generic adjectives, and other advanced language issues

  • Weak, missing, or unnecessary transitional phrases

  • Sentences or paragraphs that are too long

  • Inconsistencies (e.g., if a term is sometimes abbreviated and sometimes spelled out)

  • Any other glaring errors that might harm the chances of your work being accepted, including those that require heavy editing to resolve

  • Sentences with incomprehensible meanings

After your document has been proofread, you will receive two Microsoft Word documents. One document will have Word’s Track Changes feature enabled so that you can review all the changes made throughout the proofreading process. The other file will contain a clean document, allowing you to see what the finished product looks like. Your document will also likely contain comments and questions from your editor for you to address before re-submitting your document for a free re-edit.


Also, upon your request, you will be provided with a proofreading certificate at no extra charge.

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