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Economic Proofreading Service

Economic Proofreading
Starting at CA$0.013 per word

Our Economic Proofreading Service is ideal for authors on a budget who need a native English speaker to make sure their writing has no glaring mistakes.

What's included?

When you order the Economic Proofreading Service, your editor will revise all obvious technical errors in your work. Advanced language issues that do not affect the grammatical correctness of your document will be flagged for you to address on your own.

Specific errors that will be fixed by your editor include:

  • Spelling mistakes

  • Egregious grammatical errors (e.g., incorrect subject-verb agreement)

  • Incorrect choice of words

  • Incorrect punctuation

  • Any other obvious errors that might harm the chances of your work being accepted

Specific errors that will be unaddressed or flagged by your editor for you to address include:

  • Vague word choice, shifts in verb tense, and other advanced language issues

  • Weak, missing, or unnecessary transitional phrases

  • Sentences or paragraphs that are too long

  • Repetition and redundancies

  • Any language issues that require full sentences to be reworded

If you feel you need help with some of these advanced language issues, consider upgrading to our Standard Proofreading Service.

Your editor will also leave plenty of comments pointing out and explaining common errors so you can avoid them in the future and improve your writing skills.

After your document has been proofread, you will receive two Microsoft Word documents. One document will have Word’s Track Changes feature enabled so that you can review all the changes made throughout the proofreading process. The other file will contain a clean document, allowing you to see what the finished product looks like.

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Planning on submitting more documents in the future? Learn how you can receive $100 in free editing and save over 30% on future orders.

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