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Research Paper Formatting Check

Formatting Check
Starting at CA$1.75 per page*

Hire an expert to check your paper's formatting.

What's included?

When you hire Magnum Proofreading for a Formatting Check, an expert will:

  • Check all aspects of your paper (excluding citations and references) for proper formatting, including margins, font size, line spacing, paragraph indentation, and much more

  • Ensure that all tables and figures are formatted and positioned properly

  • Make any required adjustments to your paper's table of contents, list of tables, and list of figures

  • Follow your preferred style guide—we check for APA, MLA, Chicago style, and more


The Formatting Check can be ordered as a stand-alone service by using the form below, or it can be combined with our Economic Proofreading Service, Standard Proofreading Service, or Premium Proofreading Service.

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*Based on an average page length of 250 words

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