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Premium Proofreading Service

Thesis and Dissertation Editing
Take advantage of our special discounts.

We understand that many post-graduate students are not yet generating much income and, thus, do not have a lot of money to spend on editing services. That’s why we offer special discounted rates to students who need their theses and dissertations edited by a native English speaker. If you are a post-graduate student working on a project that contains at least 30,000 words, you are eligible to receive a discount on your editing service.


What’s included?

Your editor will perform either the Economic Proofreading Service, Standard Proofreading Service, or Premium Proofreading Service, depending on your preference.

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Fees and turnaround times for theses and dissertations vary depending on several factors. After you submit your document using the form below, we will send you an email with the exact fee and completion date for your project, along with a free proofreading sample.

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